Frankfurt goalkeeper shown red two minutes into match

It’s pretty simple: Don’t use your hands outside of the box

In a less-than-epic Bundesliga battle over the weekend, second-place RB Leipzig triumphantly trampled over sixth-place Eintracht Frankfurt.

The reason? Lack of basic soccer knowledge.

The Saturday match kicked off innocently enough. However, it didn’t take long for anarchy to unfold.

Just two minutes into the match, RB Leipzig blew past Frankfurt’s defense for a potential one-on-one situation between Bernardo and goalkeeper Lukas Hradecky.

Hradecky looked composed enough to handle the situation, but the Finnish international proved to be far from composed.

The 27-year-old mindlessly collected the ball with his hands, earning a quick and easy red card. And just like that, Frankfurt were down a man just 125 seconds into the match. The match carried on as one would think: a complete disaster for Frankfurt.

RB Leipzig ran circles around their outmatched opponents until the final whistle, earning themselves a simple 3–0 win.

Safe to say, a goalkeeper should never use their hands outside the box.