Lionel Messi saves the day, volume 437

A 90th-minute free kick with a chance to equalize? You know how this ends

(FC Barcelona/Twitter)

When someone is in mortal danger in the city of Metropolis, you know that Superman is going to swoop down and save them. There is no question that this will happen, but the reliable inevitability of Superman saving the day makes the act of it enjoyable, even in the absence of surprise.

Lionel Messi lining up a free kick in the 90th minute, with Barcelona down 1–0 to Villarreal, is the real world equivalent to this. You know he’s going to score and when he casually fires a perfect laser beam into the top corner there is no surprise, but the inevitability of it is what makes it so incredible.

This is how life works for fictional characters, not real humans.

Basically, what I’m saying is that Messi should be required to wear a cape when he plays.