Bastian Schweinsteiger given hero’s welcome in Chicago, then gets asked dumbest question imaginable

Prank or earnest query, it was embarrassing either way

(Chicago Fire/Twitter)

After being treated like Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense by Manchester United, the reception Bastian Schweinsteiger received after landing in Chicago must have been a shock to his lonely, lonely system.

That was the good. As for the bad, well, that came during Schweinsteiger’s introductory press conference a bit later, when one person asked him if he will help the Chicago Fire win the World Cup.

This had to be a prank perpetrated by a local morning radio show or something. But if it wasn’t, it’s evidence of just how much of a forgotten entity the Chicago Fire and the sport itself have become over the Fire’s recent years of irrelevance.

You can really see the exact moment Schweinsteiger considers that being ignored by Man United might have been better than being subjected to questions like this.