Man City are making all their players dress like Pep Guardiola

Tactical turtlenecks for everyone!

(Man City)

Pep Guardiola has a distinctive fashion sense. It’s that of a spy performing smooth jazz at a ski resort. He’s fond of the suit and turtleneck combo (Exhibits A through 100). And now Man City have everyone at the club doing it.

For the trip to Monaco ahead of their Champions League round of 16 second-leg match, all the players and staff looked like they were cosplaying as Guardiola as some kind of gag, but this is what they were required to wear.

Which way to the hitman convention? (Man City)

Kevin De Bruyne looking like he’s dressed for a family Christmas card photo (Man City)

Raheem Sterling makes it work (Man City)

A man in his element (Man City)

Next up: All players and staff will be required to shave their heads and maintain stylish beard stubble on match days.