Copa Libertadores match holds moment of silence for player who is on the pitch (and alive)

An embarrassing mix-up leads to a misdirected tribute


As Santa Fe and Santos prepared to play a Copa Libertadores match, the stadium announcer’s voice came over the PA system and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, please stand up and offer this minute of silence in honor of Santos player Ricardo Oliveira.” Everyone stood in silence as a lone bugle played Taps. Including Santos player Ricardo Oliveira, who was on the pitch and very much alive.

The minute of silence was supposed to be for former Santos player Alexandre de Carvalho Kaneco, who died several days earlier, but if anyone realized the mistake in that moment, they didn’t say anything.

After the match, Oliveira was asked about the mistake and said, “Honestly, I didn’t notice.” The match ended in a scoreless draw and Oliveira was substituted in the 70th minute, presumably because he was playing like a ghost out there.