Sheffield Wednesday manager crumples £20 note to prove point about his team

A good press conference always incorporates props

The Premier League has had many masters of the press conference of the years, but it’s a Championship manager who has taken this art to a new level. Following a 4-2 loss to local rivals Sheffield United—the latest disappointing result in a troubled start to the season—Sheffield Wednesday manager Carlos Carvalhal fished a £20 note out of his pocket during his press conference to prove a point about how the value of his team remains the same despite the beatings they’ve taken.

He balled it up, he pounded it against the table and, though it likely wasn’t his intention, he taunted a roomful of journalists awaiting redundancy via inevitable pivots to video. It was a masterclass in proving a point memorably, succinctly, and assertively.

After seeing this, Jose Mourinho will likely show up to his next press conference like Carrot Top with a trunk filled with props.

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