Shinji Kagawa traumatizes child with nutmegs

Ending the year on a high note by making children cry

(Shinji Kagawa/Twitter)

Perhaps still harboring frustrations from his stint at Man United, Shinji Kagawa has apparently been using the Bundesliga’s winter break to unwind by crushing the will of Japanese children with an avalanche of nutmegs.

The Borussia Dortmund midfielder shared video him going 1-v-1 with a little kid, unleashing nutmeg after nutmeg until the child eventually broke down in tears and walked away from his laughing tormentor.

Kagawa isn’t the only world-class footballer to demonstrate such cruelty, though. Eden Hazard has a history of snatching the souls of children via nutmeg savagery.

Then there was the time he completely destroyed his own son.

I guess you can’t get to the top by showing your opponent mercy. Even when your opponent is a five year old.

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