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Spurs fans make supremely strange Lion King inspired music video

September 20, 2017

Spurs supporters make a run at Arsenal supporters in the embarrassment table

For years now, Arsenal fans have been north London’s top cringe producers by a wide margin. But in their endless pursuit of their rivals, Spurs fans have blown way past them with an absolutely bananas music video that repurposes Elton John’s “Circle of Life” from The Lion King into an abomination dubbed “Tottenham for Life.”

This video raises so many questions. Namely: Why is this man carrying around a doll and making out with a child? Was this backed by the club? And, where did humanity go so wrong? I honestly don’t know. But now we do know why White Hart Lane had to be torn down. Because this was filmed there.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Spurs fans have unleashed a horrifying musical nightmare on the world, but “One Club” has nothing on this latest effort.

If this footage doesn’t violate multiple laws, the system has failed us all.

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