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Arsenal fans abuse Arsene Wenger to his face after Stoke loss

December 7, 2014

Arsenal failed to complete a comeback after Stoke jumped out to an early 3–0 lead, resulting in a 3–2 loss for the visiting side as Calum Chambers was sent off in the 78th minute. Now video has emerged of Arsenal supporters showering Wenger with abuse as he boards a train back to London.

The clip begins with the enraged fans telling striker Joel Campbell, who came on for the final moments of the loss, to “get out while you can.” But when Wenger appears in front of them, he’s hit with a wall of boos and swearing.

Wenger doesn’t react to the abuse, but to see a man who won the FA Cup just last season (as well as three Premier League titles and four other FA Cups in his team with the club) treated this way right to his face is a bit surreal. Of course, Arsenal have still underachieved in recent years and Wenger’s seemingly stubborn complacency only angers his detractors more. It probably is time for him to move on both for his sake and the club’s. And when he does, those shouting this abuse might realize how shameful a moment this was.

Wenger isn’t the only one getting abuse from Arsenal fans, though. They’re also turning on each other…

It’s enough to make you wonder how these people handle things that are actually important in life.





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