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Iker Casillas and David Luiz surprise kids, melt your heart

December 23, 2014

What do you get when you put Iker Casillas or David Luiz in a room with kids who don’t expect to be in a room with Iker Casillas or David Luiz? A pair of delightful videos.

First, we have Casillas surprising a bunch of young goalkeepers. They’re terrible at explaining the offside rule and negotiating wages for themselves, but they do play along with Iker’s silliness. Which is nice of them.

So, we can see that meeting Iker Casillas is fun, but meeting David Luiz is apparently so great that it makes everyone cry. Here’s a kid who dreamed of meeting the PSG defender and when a Brazilian TV show got them in the same studio together, it was all hugs and tears from there on out.


Based on this evidence, if you need a last-minute gift idea for a child you should kidnap a star footballer*.

Disclaimer: Dirty Tackle does not condone kidnapping footballers. Unless everything else on your kid’s wish list is sold out and you promise to provide said footballer with all the waffles they can eat.





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