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Marco Reus was driving around with a fake Dutch license

December 19, 2014


Bild first reported that in March of this year, Borussia Dortmund midfielder Marco Reus was stopped by police while driving his Aston Martin home from training and was found to doing so without a valid license. For three seven years.

The German paper also said that Reus, who took driving lessons when he turned 18 but never took the test, was caught speeding by road cameras five times since 2011, but paid his fines each time. And since German law calculates traffic fines as a percentage of one’s income, he might have set a national record of sorts.

From DW:

Now, Reus has received a 540,000 euro ($664,667) fine for all six driving offences, according to Dortmund Prosecutor Barbara Vogelsang. The charge has been active since yesterday, Vogelsang confirmed to DW on Thursday.

The heavy fine is calculated on the basis of Reus’ monthly wage, which is believed to be around 180,000 euros. It’s believed to be one of the biggest driving fines in German history.

“The reasons I did it are something I cannot really understand,” Reus said, according to the BBC. But wait, it gets stranger…

Bild and WDR now report that Reus was using a fake Dutch license for a period, which he presented to police when he was stopped in March. To repeat: one of the most recognizable footballers in the country tried to pass himself off as a Dutch person to police.

It’s unclear why he had a fake Dutch license or how he got it, but the Dutch football federation might want to look into whether this makes him eligible to play for them.





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