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“You know better football than me?”: Zlatan toys with reporter who asks about Cavani relationship

January 31, 2015


Not content with just making the referee in PSG’s 1–0 win over Rennes submit to his will, Zlatan Ibrahimovic also made a Dutch journalist dance for him after the game. The reporter asked about rumors about Zlatan and Edinson Cavani not getting along on or off the pitch and Zlatan did not appreciate this. But rather than just walk away from the question, Zlatan stayed and batted him around like a bored lion with a bloodied gazelle.

The reporter started by insisting that “a lot of people” are talking about the PSG duo’s relationship, to which Zlatan repeated “a lot of people or you?” But the reporter persisted and when he finally got his question out, Zlatan responded by saying, “You seem to know better than me.”

Now a puddle on the floor, the reporter stammered out a defense of his position as Zlatan stared daggers at him, then quipped, “You know better football than me?”

“No!” the reporter squeaked.

“So why you talk?” Zlatan shot back.

He then turned the tables on the hapless scribe.

“Are you a journalist or a camera guy.”

“I am a journalist.”

“So why are you holding the camera? You should have a camera guy.”

Once he was satisfied with turning the guy into a pile of goo, Zlatan answered the original question with a smile.

The moral of this story? Zlatan is the boss.





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