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DT Exclusive: David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson’s conversation during the PSG-Chelsea match

February 18, 2015


David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson sat near each other at the Parc des Princes for the first leg of PSG and Chelsea’s Champions League round of 16 tie. Though the two have had several cordial meetings since Beckham left Man United a few months after having a boot kicked in his face by Ferguson, this was the first time they’ve taken in a match together in this manner.

The following is an excerpt of their conversation while watching the game.

Beckham: So…how’s retirement?

Ferguson: Fine. And for you?

Beckham: Busy. Very busy.

Ferguson: Good.

Beckham: Yeah. It is…it is.

Ferguson: I saw your oldest boy, eh, Harlem, is it?

Beckham: Brooklyn.

Ferguson: Right. He’s at Arsenal now?

Beckham: Yeah, he’s loving it.

Ferguson: That’s a shame.

Beckham: Well…he likes it.

Ferguson: Miami giving you trouble?

Beckham: Heh. A bit. Stadiums are tricky, you know. But once we get that in order, I’m going to need you to come out of retirement and manage the club. What do you think?

Ferguson: In Miami? I don’t like the humidity.

Beckham: It’s not that bad, you’ll get used to it. Haha.

Ferguson: I don’t like it.

Beckham: OK. Fine. I was just saying…

Ferguson: I know what you were saying. I don’t like the humidity. Move on.

Beckham: Sorry. Oh, Victoria says hello.

Ferguson: Who?

Beckham: My wife.

Ferguson: Yes. The Salt Lady.

Beckham: Spice Girl, actually. But now she’s a fashion designer. I just came from her show at New York Fashion Week. It was brilliant!

Ferguson: Yes, we’ve all been to New York. You’re not impressing anyone.

Beckham: AH!

Ferguson: What’s wrong?

Beckham: Nothing. I just thought you were going to hit me.

Ferguson: I was scratching my nose!

Beckham: Of course. I’m sorry. I know you would never do that. Again.

Ferguson: This has been lovely, David, but I think I’m going to watch the second half from over there somewhere.

Beckham: Oh. OK. Sure. But before you do, I have a funny story to tell you. So Brooklyn saw Arsene Wenger in the canteen at London Colney last week. Wenger was carrying his lunch tray when Wojciech Szczesny asked him what time it was. Without thinking, Wenger turned his arm to look and spilled his tray all over himself. And then as he ran to the bathroom to clean himself up, Szczesny shouted, “I guess it’s time to get a new shirt!”

Ferguson: HAHAHAHAHAHA oh, that’s wonderful. Say, David, Harlem hasn’t told you any other Wenger stories like that, has he?

Beckham: It’s Brooklyn, but yes, he has actually.

Ferguson: Then I think I’ll stay right here with you, my boy.

Beckham: Good. That’s- AHHHHH!

Ferguson: Relax, David. I’m taking off my shoe to get a pebble out of it. You didn’t think I was going to kick it at your head, did you?

Beckham: I did, yes. Haha. Yes. Hahahaha.

Ferguson: Good.


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