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The key differences between Olivier Giroud then and now

February 16, 2015


Olivier Giroud scored both of Arsenal’s goals in their 2–0 FA Cup win against Middlesbrough over a span of just two minutes, highlighting his noticeable improvement since he joined the club three years ago.

“I believe that he is a different player today than the guy who arrived here,” said Arsene Wenger of the French striker, who was widely mocked for having the shooting accuracy of a drunk lemur in his first season with Arsenal.

If we compare 2012 Olivier Giroud to 2015 Olivier Giroud, we can pinpoint exactly how he has improved himself.

Here he is in his first photoshoot for the club in June 2012…


And here he is in February 2015…


The most noticeable difference is that he finally got himself a decent haircut. Scientists have proven that having a fauxhawk makes you 47% worse at everything you do. It also looks like he’s in better shape, thus accentuating his cheek bones to better disorient opposing defenders. And he’s wearing a tighter shirt, so maybe Puma is on to something with their skin-tight technologies.

Of course, all of this is just superficial, though. Some of the most important changes a footballer can make in improving themselves are mental. And after the match against Middlesbrough, Giroud proved that he has fully bought into Wenger’s philosophy by wearing the very same ridiculous sleeping bag coat that the elder Frenchman wears.


So there you have it. Irrefutable proof that Giroud has evolved as a footballer.





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