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20-year-old non-league footballer quits for the stability of being a car salesman

March 2, 2015


Though he’s made it further than most people who dream of becoming a professional footballer ever do, 20-year-old Torquay United goalkeeper Jordan Seabright has come to a pragmatic realization about his talent and career. So he’s quitting in the middle of the season and moving back to his hometown to become a care salesman.

According to the BBC, Seabright made up his mind about changing careers last month, but held off on making the move until after Torquay’s FA Trophy semifinal against Wrexham (which they lost 5–1 on aggregate). He moved from League Two side Dagenham & Redbridge to Torquay in the Conference Premier (the fifth tier f English football) last summer and has made six appearances this season.

From the BBC:

“If I’m honest, I fell out of love with the game, I didn’t really enjoy it any more,” he told BBC Sport.

“I didn’t see myself going anywhere and I want to have a career and be successful.”

He continued: “It wasn’t a lack of ambition in football, but it was a good opportunity for me come home and work in a good environment.”

Those statements might seem sad, but his honesty with himself and willingness to adapt will likely help him find more success in life than football ever could. He said he didn’t see himself being a Premier League, Championship, or even League One goalkeeper, so by making this change now, he could be setting himself up for a better life than if he kept toiling in the lower tiers of the game until he was 35 and then realized that he doesn’t know how to do anything else.

Anyway, if you’re in Poole and you need a new car, Jordan Seabright is your man.



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