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DTotD: Gary Medel stands on Neymar’s leg, accuses him of “theater”

March 30, 2015


Brazil beat Chile 1–0 in a London friendly on Sunday, but Chile midfielder Gary Medel made the most of his opportunity to use Neymar’s leg as a step stool. After the pair went down in a tangle, Medel stood on Neymar as he got up. The referee didn’t see it, however, allowing the Chilean to escape punishment.


After the match, Neymar gave himself a new nickname. From Goal.com:

“This wasn’t a game of football,” he said. “It’s meant to be football not UFC. The referee is there to stop these things from happening, but there were four referees and none of them saw anything!

“It seems we have to suffer. I am a sufferer!”

A Barcelona player suffering?! Somewhere in Qatar, Xavi’s suffering sense was tingling.

Medel, meanwhile, was determined to be as much of a dick about the matter as possible. “Tackles are normal in play. Some do theater and others continue playing…a shame that not everyone sees it,” he tweeted, accompanied by a photo conveniently cropped to only show Neymar kicking out at Medel’s knee as Medel stands on his leg.

This has been the Dirty Tackle of the Day: a chronicling of unfortunate events.





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