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Luis Suarez provokes the wrath of Zlatan

April 15, 2015


During the first leg of PSG and Barcelona’s Champions League quarterfinal, Luis Suarez nutmegged David Luiz and went on to score twice in a span of 13 minutes. Twice he did this! Twice!

Though Barcelona went on to concede a late own goal in the 3–1 away win, Luiz’s greatest embarrassment since last summer’s World Cup, naturally was the focus of the night. After all, Suarez even appeared to literally spank his bottom at one point.


But this is all just a frivolous distraction from the forgotten terror that lays in wait. Marco Verratti and Zlatan Ibrahimovic will return from their suspensions for the second leg at the Camp Nou — a place Zlatan briefly and uncomfortably called home.

When PSG and Barcelona met there during the group stage earlier this season, this was the lasting image of that night — Zlatan taking flight. Too powerful to be contained by the Earth’s pull.


Though Barca still came out on top that night, it only gave Zlatan one more reason to seek revenge. Just as the first leg of the quarterfinal did.

Suarez can put the ball between his opponents’ legs, but Zlatan can put his feet through his opponents’ heads. The Zlreckoning is coming.

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