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Cristiano Ronaldo stands up for boy laughed at by crowd of jerks

May 5, 2015


Cristiano Ronaldo once again demonstrated his kindness towards young people at a promotional event for that weird facial fitness device he promotes.

A Japanese boy was brought on stage with him before TV cameras and a crowd of onlookers. And as daunting as that situation would be for anyone, the boy demonstrated his bravery further, by attempting to speak to Ronaldo in Portuguese. But as he spoke to Ronaldo, who patiently listened and responded to his words, the jerkholes in the crowd laughed.

The boy forged on, though, but soon Ronaldo decided enough was enough. He gestured towards the crowd and said, “Why they smile? Why? He speak good Portuguese. Very good. They should be happy because he try very hard.”

With that, the audience realized what terrible human beings they are and began to applaud the boy’s efforts. And that’s how you turn a promotional event for a facial fitness device into a life lesson for everyone.

Elsewhere, Ronaldo nearly caused a young girl to explode with joy when he gave her an autograph and a hug upon arriving in Turin ahead of Real Madrid’s Champions League semifinal first leg against Juventus.






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