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Giorgio Chiellini was so happy about winning the Coppa Italia that he couldn’t close his mouth

May 21, 2015


Maybe it’s the latest symptom of Suarezitis, but Juventus captain for the night Giorgio Chiellini seemed to be having difficulty closing his mouth after they required extra time to beat Lazio 2–1 in the Coppa Italia final.

Though this marks Juve’s record 10th Coppa Italia win, it was their first since 1995 — the last time they won the domestic double. That’s a rather shocking fact (three of their five Coppa Italia final losses have come in the last 15 years), so maybe that’s why Chiellini, who scored his side’s first goal, looked like he was shouting for about 15 consecutive minutes without taking a breath.


Of course, all of that yelling will make your face hurt after a while and that seemed to happen to Chiellini too. But he persevered and kept his mouth open through the pain.


Juve will now have a chance to become just the second Italian club to complete the treble (the other being Jose Mourinho’s 2010 Inter team) when they face Barcelona in the Champions League final. And Barca got an early start on the mind games by tweeting a slightly menacing congratulatory message.

“Bravo Juve! We’re waiting for you,” says the image of the entire Barca team, which includes a smiling Luis Suarez, who has bitten Chiellini and racially abused Juve defender Patrice Evra in the past, standing right in the middle.

That’s how you turn a happy scream into a terror scream real quick.





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