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Jose Mourinho texted Andre Schurrle to tell him he was a Premier League champion

May 14, 2015


Andre Schurrle’s season and a half stint with Chelsea ended in January, when he was sold to Wolfsburg, but just because he’s gone doesn’t mean he’s been forgotten. When Chelsea clinched the Premier League title earlier this month, Schurrle doubted his 14 appearances (only five of which were starts) would be enough to get him a winner’s medal. But Jose Mourinho took it upon himself to clear that up for the German winger.

From the BBC:

Speaking in an interview with BBC World Service’s World Football programme, Schurrle said: “I didn’t know that I’d get a medal when I didn’t play most of the second half of the season.

“Jose Mourinho sent me a text to say that I’d get a medal and he asked me to come to the last game. That was very nice for me.

“I’m really happy for the boys. They played a very good second half of the season so of course, for me, it’s good to get a medal but the boys did the work.”

That Premier League winner’s medal will look nice next to Schurrle’s World Cup winner’s medal, but it sounds like the text from Mourinho means more to him than the neckwear itself.





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