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All the reasons why Barcelona won the 2015 Champions League final

June 8, 2015


Barcelona completed a perfect end to the season by beating Juventus 3–1 in the Champions League final to win their second treble in six years and fourth European Cup in 10 years. For a club that has supposedly been in crisis every other week for the last three years, that’s quite impressive. But for a club with three of the best players in the world scoring goals by the bushel for them, it also makes complete sense.

Though that last fact might seem like enough to put Barca past Juve, there was actually much more to it. These are all the reasons why Barcelona won…

Giorgio Chiellini was not on the pitch to distract Luis Suarez with his delicious shoulders.

Juventus were not coached by David Moyes (who beat Barca 1–0 with Real Sociedad in January).

Andrea Pirlo waited until after the final whistle to melt Barcelona’s hearts with his tears.


Gigi Buffon’s incredible saves somehow did not count as goals scored for Juventus.

Alvaro Morata scoring and Barcelona winning was the worst possible scenario Florentino Perez could think of.

Paul Pogba couldn’t decide if he should play for his current team (Juventus) or his possible future team (Barcelona).

Lionel Messi is someone who exists in real life and not just in Cristiano Ronaldo’s nightmares.

Andres Iniesta.

Neymar is apparently made of pure Jesus.


After reports that he would get sacked halfway through his first season, Luis Enrique dreamed of winning the treble and then immediately threatening to leave just to give his haters a taste of karma.


Leaving Xavi hanging on 24 trophies for his Barcelona career instead of giving him a nice round 25 in his final match with the club would’ve been cruel.

Luis Suarez knew that after everything else he’s done, there would be no better way to troll everyone than to score the winning goal in the Champions League final.

It is scientifically impossible to defend against Messi, Suarez, Neymar, Ineista, and Ivan Rakitic all at the same time.

Gerard Pique simply will not be denied the chance to wear a net as a cape.


And finally, Juve’s players rode the escalator at Berlin’s Olimpiastadion like this…

Lichtsteiner is wasting no energy pre-game #UCLFinal pic.twitter.com/AY4ssTgtsS

— Football Tips (@footballtips) June 6, 2015

And Barca’s players rode it like this…






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