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Arturo Vidal tearfully apologizes to “all of Chile” after arrest for drunkenly crashing his Ferrari

June 17, 2015


Chile midfielder Arturo Vidal, who scored twice in Monday’s 3–3 draw with Mexico, spent his Copa America night off in a hospital with minor injuries after crashing his red Ferrari and getting arrested on drunk driving charges. This was a tremendous disappointment to the tournament’s host nation, especially since Vidal OWNS A LIMOUSINE SERVICE.

On Wednesday, once he had time to sober up, Vidal held a press conference where he tearfully apologized to his country. From Eurosport:

“I was at the casino, I had two drinks [Ed. note: it’s always two, isn’t it?] and then put at risk the lives of my wife and others,” said Vidal.

“I apologise to my team-mates, the staff, the people and to all of Chile. The accident was my fault.

“It was all my fault. I let everyone down. I will give my all to win the Copa America.”

It is alleged Vidal told the officer who arrested him: “you can handcuff me, but you’re f****** up the whole of Chile”.

Vidal appeared before a judge earlier in the day, where he received a driving ban. Chile coach Jorge Sampaoli said he will not punish Vidal because, “He is a very valuable player who has made a mistake, but not the kind of mistake to exclude him. He was in his free time after all. I don’t believe this is as serious as some have tried to portray it.”





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