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U.S. beat Germany with late stunner, become Friendly Champions of the World

June 10, 2015


Proving that the scare they gave Germany in the last World Cup was no fluke, the United States beat Germany 2–1 in Germany to become the Friendly Champions of the World. Bobby Wood scored the winner in the 87th minute, giving the 22-year-old his second late winner in as many matches after doing the same to the Netherlands last in a 4–3 friendly win last week. And by the way, those happen to be his first two international goals, as well.

So after wins against FIFA, the Netherlands, and now 2014 World Cup winners Germany in recent weeks, here are the updated FBI Friendly Champions of the World rankings presented by the Department of Justice:

1: USA
Last place: Everyone else

Sepp Blatter must now present the U.S. with their trophy, which is himself in a maximum security prison cell.

Of course, this was only a friendly and neither side used a full strength squad. This is also just the latest in a series of World Cup hangover results for Germany, who have drawn with Australia and Ireland and lost to Poland and Argentina since winning the title last summer.

Regardless of all that, this was the first time the U.S. beat a top ranked team since breaking Spain’s record undefeated streak in the 2009 Confederations Cup. And Klinsy is feeling good.






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