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It was all fun and games until he threw the ball into his own net

July 16, 2015

The week’s most absurd soccer moments

By Sam Patterson

Rodrigo Cervetti of Communicaciones in the Argentine third division played 12th man for the the opposing squad, just one of five balls to enter his own net that day. [source: Dirty Tackle]

Yet another case of Pepe being a goon, this time in training against his own teammate, a certain Cristiano Ronaldo. [source: youtube]

Cyle Larin messed up so badly for Canada its Gold Cup match versus El Salvador. Honestly, this is just so bad. Very bad. (Old, we know, but worth repeating) [source: Who Ate All The Pies]

Wigan Athletic’s James Tavernier got steamed after a fan hopped the fence and took his corner kick. He was probably even more pissed that the fan acquitted himself well. (Sign him up, Wigan!) [source: Wigan Athletic]

And meanwhile, in the Japanese J2 league… [source: gfycat]

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