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Zlatan Ibrahimovic ensures that all of Malmö can watch his homecoming

September 19, 2015


We know that Zlatan is a vengeful god, but he is benevolent too. When PSG drew Malmö, his first club and hometown team, he said it was a “dream.”

“Too bad that all of Malmö won’t fit in the stadium,” he added after the draw three weeks ago. Well, he’s done his best to make alternate accommodations.

On his social media accounts, Zlatan announced that he has booked the Main Square in Malmö on November 25 when PSG visit for the two clubs’ second Champions League meeting (PSG won 2–0 in Paris already). The match will be shown for everyone who can’t fit in the stadium, so there will be no excuse for anyone to miss Zlatan’s triumphant return.

Zlatan also promised more surprises for the day, which probably means that there will be Pep Guardiola piñatas filled with bottles of Zlatan’s new cologne strung up around town.

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