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Jose Mourinho unimpressed with Diego Costa’s bib toss

November 29, 2015


Jose Mourinho and the shell of the footballer known as Diego Costa reportedly got into a verbal altercation at halftime of Chelsea’s 4–0 win against Maccabi Tel Aviv in the middle of the week, but Mourinho claimed after the match that the two made up with “kisses and cuddles.” Which can only be code for fighting each other until their bodies could no longer function due to blood loss.

So it wasn’t shocking that Costa was out of the starting XI for Chelsea’s match against Spurs on Sunday, or that he didn’t warm-up with the team before the match. He was on the bench though, and with Chelsea in the increasingly familiar position of needing a goal late in the game, he began his warm-up. But Mourinho opted to put Kenedy on and leave his third substitute unused, resulting in a furious Costa trudging back to his seat and tossing his bib over his head towards Mourinho as he did so.

John Obi Mikel found this hilarious.


Mourinho was unmoved by Costa’s bib toss, though. And when asked about it after the scoreless draw, he essentially said that Costa will have to come at him harder than that.

From Sky Sports:

“If he wants to hurt me, it’s not with a bib. I have a good relationship with him, no problems,” Mourinho said.

“I think Diego is very privileged because he was the last one to be [put] on the bench.

“Everybody was on the bench. The captain [John Terry] was on the bench. Ivanovic was on the bench. Cahill — the vice-captain of England was on the bench. Fabregas was on the bench. Pedro was on the bench. Hazard — player of the season — was on the bench. Oscar was on the bench. Everybody.

“So Diego is privileged I kept him in the team for all these matches and today we thought the best strategy to play was this one. We are happy with the decision.”

What we have here is two angry men. A manager who isn’t getting results and a striker who isn’t scoring goals. There’s about a 98% chance these two fight each other to the death come Boxing Day.





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