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Jose Mourinho can’t stop ruining Iker Casillas’ life

December 10, 2015


Iker Casillas and Porto entered the final day of Champions League group stage play at the top of Group G, thanks in part to a win over Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea back in September. This was a meaningful victory for Casillas, not only because it provided valuable points, but because it gave him a taste of revenge against the man who callously destroyed his idyllic existence at Real Madrid. This moment of satisfaction would prove fleeting, however, as Mourinho ended up losing the battle but winning his endless war on Iker’s happiness.

Porto had to face a calamitous Chelsea for the second time on that final of group play. Coming off a loss to Bournemouth at the weekend, the Blues looked to be teetering on the brink of complete devastation with Casillas’ team in position to give Mourinho the final nudge into the abyss with Champions League elimination.

This could have been the payback Casillas has surely been dreaming about ever since Mourinho benched him at Real Madrid, which led to Carlo Ancelotti benching him too, before the club that was his home for nearly his entire life dumped him in Portugal like a worn out pair of gloves and not the legendary and loyal Iker Casillas.

But almost immediately it all went wrong for Iker. Porto conceded an own goal in the 12th minute and Willian added a second for Chelsea in the 52nd minute. Chelsea won 2–0, putting them top of the group. Meanwhile, Dynamo Kiev beat Maccabi Tel Aviv to go a point ahead of Porto and take the group’s second knockout stage berth, leaving Porto to drift off to the Europa League. Something Casillas has never before experienced in his 17 seasons.

So Mourinho survives and Casillas dies another excruciating death at the hands of his tormentor. At this point, Iker will either have to start crossing the street to purposefully avoid tussling with Mourinho ever again or he’ll have to summon help — someone who can do the dirty work necessary to defeat a warlock like Mourinho for which he simply doesn’t have the temperament.

Perhaps this is what he was whispering about with Spain teammate and fearless Mourinho antagonizer Diego Costa.


“Avenge me, Diego. Throw all the bibs at him if you have to. Just…avenge me.”

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