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It all went a little Per-shaped for Mertesacker

January 28, 2016

By Sam

Reminding us all that soccer players still put their shorts on one leg at a time

By Sam Patterson | Photo via Daily Mail

NAC Breda should keep its training ground free kicks on the training ground. [source: Dirty Tackle]

It’s a good thing Leicester City was up 2–0. Otherwise German International Robert Huth may never be (should not be) given back free-kick duties. [source: gfycat]

Lamine Sané of Bordeaux perfectly placed a toe-poke lob — from 18 yards out — into his own net, admittedly. [source: streamable]

We could but should not have expected a more measured reaction from Diego Costa, who went to ground easily after an ill-advised but no-harm-done Per Mertesacker challenge. [source: streamable]

On the flip-side, Lyon’s Jeremy Morel saw no card when he crashed into his Marseille counterpart. [source: streamable]

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