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At least Eden Hazard still has his sense of humor

February 15, 2016


Eden Hazard was named PFA Player of the Year last season. Jose Mourinho even said he was better than Cristiano Ronaldo. This season has been very different, though. Hazard has fewer league goals than Kolo Toure and his shockingly poor form has contributed to Mourinho getting sacked and reigning champions Chelsea sitting in the bottom half of the table.

Despite all this, Hazard has demonstrated that he still has his sense of humor with comments to Le Parisien about potential transfers normally reserved for players who aren’t performing like they’ve switched bodies with a newborn deer.


Hazard has previously played down talk of a potential switch to PSG but revealed: “It’s difficult to say no to PSG, like all the teams who are capable of winning the Champions League.

“PSG are part of that category now. And for me, to win the Champions League is the main aim. But for the moment I’m not dwelling on that.”

Hahaha, oh Eden. Acting like PSG are still interested in you. You’re hilarious, man.

Addressing rumours of a move to the Bernabeu, he said: “Of course, [Madrid coach] Zinedine Zidane gets you interested. He was my idol when he was a player… and he’s been saying good things about me for a long time.

Hahahahaha Real Madrid? Because they usually go after the 12th top scorer on a 12th place team, right? Hahahaha funny guy, Eden. Funny guy.

“In any case, I want to work with the best managers in the world. Beyond that, I don’t know if Zidane is in that category yet. He’s only been training Real since the start of January.”

HAHAHAHAHAHA Zidane not good enough for you? Stop, Eden! Stop! I can’t breathe! This is too much. If you keep performing the way you have been this season, you definitely have a future in comedy, my friend.





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