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DT Exclusive: Eden Hazard’s apology texts to Jose Mourinho

February 6, 2016


In an interview with the Guardian, Eden Hazard has revealed that he texted former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho to apologize for his poor form and the role it played in the Portuguese’s sacking. The following is a transcript of that text exchange.

Hazard: Hi Jose. How are you?

Mourinho: Who this?

Hazard: It’s Eden.

Mourinho: Eden who?

Hazard: Hazard…

Mourinho: Oh. I deleted you from my phone. I didn’t think ghosts could text.

Hazard: Heh. I wanted to say I’m sorry about what happened. ☹️

Mourinho: Sorry doesn’t unsack me.

Hazard: I know. I feel a little guilty that I didn’t play better.

Mourinho: Only a little??? Why is there not a wanking gesture with eye roll emoji?

Hazard: The good news is that we’re starting to play better now! I finally got my first goal of the season.

Mourinho: I would say “congratulations” but a text can’t express the amount of sarcasm I intend with that word.

Hazard: Thanks

Mourinho: Eden, you are worse at apologizing than you are at scoring this season.

Hazard: I don’t know what to say to that. Anyway, how are you?

Mourinho: Unemployed.

Hazard: Are out going to Man United? Juan Mata asked me if I thought you would. He’s nervous you’ll sell him again.

Mourinho: He should be.

Hazard: Oh.

Mourinho: It’s been eight seconds since I last texted Ed Woodward, so I have to end this now. Goodbye, Eden. I wish you all the best in the future. And by that I mean I hate you.

Hazard: Thx bye!





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