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Man United loanee admits to playing FIFA instead of watching Midtjylland loss

February 19, 2016


Manchester United have been so miserable this season that even their loanees are “forgetting” to watch their matches.

Nick Powell, recently sent out on loan to Hull City until the end of the season, was asked if saw Man United’s loss to Midtjylland on Thursday. He could have said “yes, of course I did,” whether that was true or not, but instead he was amusingly honest. From Sky Sports:

“No, I completely forgot — I was playing FIFA, if I was honest,” Powell said when asked if he watched the 2–1 loss in the Europa League last-32.

“I did read the reports and, I don’t know, it’s hard. They’re under pressure because the gaffer has come out and said it’s the best way to qualify for the Champions League next year.

“They’ve had so many injuries, with Wazza [Wayne Rooney] going out and David [de Gea] was injured before the game.

“There’s no excuse — they should have have won, but that’s just the way it is.”

(He was presumably playing as a more enjoyable team than Man United in FIFA.)

In Powell’s defense, it was Man United’s first Thursday evening Europa League match of the season after they were dumped from the Champions League and, judging by the chants in Denmark, many of the fans who traveled to the game wished they could have forgotten about it, too.






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