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Diego Costa appears to nibble on Gareth Barry, gets sent off for first time

March 12, 2016


Diego Costa’s unexplainable run of never having been sent off as a Chelsea player came to an end in their FA Cup loss to Everton and it happened with a tribute to Luis Suarez.

Costa and Gareth Barry had been pestering each other throughout the match, so when Barry tripped Costa up in the 84th minute, Costa snapped. The Chelsea striker chest bumped Barry, then rubbed his forehead in his face, and, finally, appeared to go for a chomp on his neck.

Costa had been carrying a yellow card since the 11th minute, an event that prompted him to spit at the referee’s feet.

Did #Costa just spit at the refs feet? #EvertonVChelsea #FACup pic.twitter.com/Sju93BhENl

— Kelly Sotherton (@KellySotherton) March 12, 2016

Impressive in his own right, Barry earned two yellows in a span of three minutes, getting himself sent off shortly after, as well.

Meanwhile, Romelu Lukaku straight up murdered Gary Cahill.


Everton won 2–0, with Lukaku scoring both. They advance to the semifinals while Costa must now face Luis Suarez to see who is the supreme footballing vampire of our time.

UPDATE: Costa is claiming that he didn’t bite Gareth Barry. I guess that means it was a nibble. Or maybe just a taste?

UPDATE II: Gareth Barry has confirmed that Costa did not bite him. I guess there really is only one Luis Suarez after all.





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