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Let’s Put the Ache in International Break

March 31, 2016

By Sam

Photo via

‘Arry Redknapp must have put this kind of tackle in the playbook on his first day as manager of the Jordanian national team. [source: gfycat]

Daniel Imperiale of Argentina’s Quilmes was all set to follow through on some tenacious defense until he whiffed on the open-goal. [source: YouTube H/T 101greatgoals]

A woman filmed her own black eye as it happened when Cristiano did the atypical and missed a penalty. [source: YouTube H/T DirtyTackle]

Scotland’s Liam Bridcutt got yellow for putting the screws to not-so-great-at-the-moment Dane Erik Sviatchenko. [source: streamable]

The Japan-Syria World Cup qualifier had an unfortunate own goal bordering on the hilarious. [source: imgur]

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