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When Johan Cruyff tributes go wrong

March 25, 2016


Paying tribute to one of the greatest legends of football shouldn’t be hard. You share one of the many images of him, say something about his wide reaching influence on the game we all love and you’ve done it. But for some this proved to be surprisingly challenging.

The Guardian, for example, prominently featured a picture of Cruyff’s former teammate Rob Rensenbrink on their backpage. Manchester United’s Morgan Scheiderlin, meanwhile, went with a picture of Jan Jongbloed.


Then there was Liverpool’s official Twitter account…

“We are gathered here today to remember Johan Cruyff — a man who once said something nice about us. And, yeah, that’s about the only thing of significance he ever did. So thanks, Johan. Your appreciation of us will be missed.”

And finally, there’s former Ajax and Spurs player Mido…

On the surface, there’s nothing wrong with that aside from some dodgy grammar, but then you look at the timestamp and notice that it came three minutes after Jamie Carragher said the exact same thing.

The Cruyff tributes weren’t all poorly executed, though. This 14th (Cruyff’s shirt number) minute interruption to a friendly between Feyenoord (where Cruyff finished his playing career) and Sparta was perfect.


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