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Leicester fan convinces girlfriend to name their daughter “Vardy” with internet petition

April 29, 2016

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Given the incredible turn of events for Leicester City this season, it’s understandable that their fans would be a bit drunk on life and delirious. Perhaps this is why Leicester supporter Ashley Marriott decided that “Vardy” — as in the club’s top scorer Jamie Vardy — would make a good middle name for his unborn daughter and that he should start an internet petition to convince his partner of this.

From the BBC:

He said his girlfriend was initially not convinced by his idea and took a lot of persuading.

Mr Marriott added: “I kept saying about it and she thought I was joking, but I was serious. I wanted it to happen so I had to do something to show I was serious.”

He started the petition last week and said she finally “gave in” after the target was broken.

Marriott collected 5,000 signatures thanks to coverage from the Leicester Mercury newspaper.

Of course, no part of this is how naming a child should go. Petitions, media coverage, requiring one’s partner to “give in” — it’s all wrong on so many levels. On the plus side, at least the kid’s birthday party invites will write themselves.






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