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Jogi Löw apologizes for being gross

June 15, 2016


The latest installment of Germany manager Jogi Löw’s major tournament grossness proved to be the biggest takeaway from his side’s 2–0 win against Ukraine to start Euro 2016. So ahead of Germany’s match against Poland, Löw has apologized for making the whole world nauseous and attempted to explain the inexplicable.

From Reuters:

“I saw the pictures as well and obviously sometimes you do things subconsciously. It happened and I am sorry,” said the World Cup-winning coach on the eve of Germany’s Group C meeting with Poland in Paris on Thursday. “It was adrenaline and concentration. I will try to behave differently in the future.”

Except this isn’t all down to adrenaline and concentration because he did something similar during training, too.

If you think this behavior will cause his players to lose respect for him, think again. Lukas Podolski has defended Löw to the press.

When asked about his coach’s antics, the Germany forward Lukas Podolski said: “It’s not an issue. About 80% of you here have at some point scratched your balls. Therefore, everything is good.”

Two takeaways from this: 1) The fact that the persistent issue after Germany’s first Euro 2016 match is Jogi Löw doing sniff tests on his nether-regions is hilarious. 2) He did a lot more than just scratch his balls, Lukas.

In closing, if Germany’s entire squad comes down with pinkeye while in France, we’ll know who caused it.





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