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Cristiano Ronaldo tells Conor McGregor he won’t catch him on Forbes highest paid list

July 27, 2016


Cristiano Ronaldo visited UFC star Conor McGregor at his Las Vegas gym and the two had one of the most unrelatable conversations you’ll ever hear.

First of all, I really enjoy watching two famous people who don’t know each other personally have a discussion. There’s an eagerness to project confidence and respect, paired with an undercurrent of not being quite sure what to say that creates a delightful awkwardness the longer the conversation lasts. And this encounter is no different (three minutes into the video above).

After the initial pleasantries (and McGregor asking Ronaldo how old he is for some reason), the conversation veers into territory that one between a couple of average Joes wouldn’t. McGregor asks if Cristiano will be attending Jennifer Lopez’s birthday party that night and adds that he wasn’t invited (though it appears he did end up crashing the party). They then discussed the ownership of private jets and their placement on the Forbes highest-paid athletes list. Cristiano is number one, while McGregor claimed he is ranked in the 30s (he’s actually 85th).

“Maybe next year I’ll get ya!” McGregor said.

“I don’t think so,” Ronaldo replied, wagging his finger.

Oh, megastar athlete humor!






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