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Paul Pogba is trolling the world about his potential Man United move

July 30, 2016

The transfer saga of the summer is Paul Pogba potential move back to Manchester United, which could bring a new world record fee, and he’s milking this spotlight for all its worth.

On Friday, it was reported that Pogba, who is in the United States on a post-Euro 2016 holiday, was flying to Los Angeles to complete a medical that would all but finalize his move to the LA Galaxy Man United. But on Saturday, Pogba mocked that claim by posting a picture of himself at Universal Studios Hollywood with the caption “Pogba medical in Universal Studios park #blabla @tweetlikelequipe”

Obviously, this was a joke. But for fans desperate for confirmation of the story they’ve been inundated with for weeks now, it was cause for confusion. Thankfully, Pogba himself was kind enough to clarify on Facebook.


As for the hashtags, the #blabla is a reference to the Adidas campaign that this story is currently being used in (Man United just so happen to have a record kit deal with Adidas).


And the #tweetlikelequipe is a jab at the coverage in France’s famous sports paper. But Pogba wasn’t done with this joke, as he posted a follow-up Instagram with the caption “News: we catch Pogba with his contract in Universal Studios LA amusement park #Imonholidays #nonsense”


Scouring players’ social media accounts for clues that confirm transfer stories peddled by the press is a relatively new phenomenon, but it’s one that has turned fans and media alike into terrible detectives who are always on the job. And now, Pogba and Adidas are using that reality for commercial gain. Pogba’s agent, Mino Raiola, is also getting in on the act by taunting the press via his own social media account.

If Pogba does move back to Man United for a record fee, it should be clear by now that it will only happen once the current suspense is no longer marketable.





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