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Future News: Jose Mourinho announces his opposing manager insult schedule for the new season

August 7, 2016


With an influx of top managers into the Premier League this season, new Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has announced that he will employ a regular insult schedule throughout the campaign.

Over the course of his career, Mourinho has developed bitter feuds with a growing number of opposing managers — many of whom now ply their trade in the Premier League alongside him. So to avoid confusion, the three-time Premier League champion is designating certain days of the week to insult different rivals.

Ahead of the Community Shield, Mourinho passed out copies of his new schedule and told reporters: “Monday will be Wenger, Tuesday will be Guardiola, Wednesday will be Klopp, Thursday will be Conte, and Friday will be a free space. Free Space Friday. So I can insult whoever deserves it most that day. There is a very good chance this will be Wenger again.”

Though Mourinho has made it clear that he will focus his press conference barbs on the managers of the Premier League’s other big clubs, he also has a history of bad blood with new Watford manager Walter Mazzarri from their days in Serie A together.

When asked if anyone is safe from his sharp tongue, Mourinho said: “No. No one is safe. But I will tell you that I like Aitor Karanka of Middlesbrough since he was my assistant at Real Madrid. I like Tony Pulis of West Brom since he is my BFF and, I do not like him as a person or a manager, but Rafa Benitez is down in the Championship with Newcastle and that makes me laugh, so I like that.”

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