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Future News: Jose Mourinho announces his opposing manager insult schedule for the new season

Future News: Brazil claims football is “not really a big deal”

Future News: Aston Villa launch investigation into all their players not caught with laughing gas

Future News: Marouane Fellaini admits belief that opponents’ heads are filled with candy

Future News: Football matches to be replaced by 90 minutes of pure respect

Future News: Sick children make charitable visit Louis van Gaal’s house

Future News: FIFA presidential candidates insist they are real people

Future News: Yaya Toure proposes acceptable level of praise for Yaya Toure

Future News: Pepe claims Lionel Messi broke into his house and terrorized him in the night

Future News: FIFA denounces comedian for throwing insultingly small denominations of money at Sepp Blatter

Future News: Man City surprised to learn that there are no rules against winning consecutive Premier League titles

Future News: Frank Lampard demands retroactive transfer to the club he pretended to sign for