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No, a goalkeeper wasn’t arrested for conceding 43 goals in one match

September 21, 2016

Depleted by injuries, an eight-man SV Vonderort reserve side lost 43–0 to PSV Oberhausen in the German 11th division. It got so bad, that Oberhausen took three of their own players off to even up the numbers.

“I wanted to cancel the game at halftime [when the score was 19–0] when the referee asked me about it,” Vonderort’s coach told Auf’m Platz. “But the team wanted to continue playing.”

As bad a day as that was for Vonderort’s goalkeeper, things got even worse for him several days later when he was arrested after a training session. The widely reported implication was that his mysterious arrest was related to his performance in the previous match, but Bild now confirms that this asinine assumption couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to Bild, a government official confirmed that he had a warrant out for his arrest over an unpaid fine. The reason for the fine and the length of his jailing were not released, however. Apparently conceding 43 goals really helps the police track you down.

Meanwhile, Vonderort went on to improve tremendously in their next match by only losing 8–0. So the story has a happy ending. Kind of.





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