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Cristiano Ronaldo reveals Cristiano Ronaldo to be his greatest influence

October 27, 2016

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s ego in blanket form

In an interview with Coach Magazine, Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed something that few people knew about him: his self-regard.

This ground-breaking revelation was expressed with two simple words in response to a question that could have yielded a much more in-depth answer.

End of story. And when asked which teammate has been his biggest inspiration, Cristiano doubled down by saying “My biggest inspiration has always been myself; nobody puts bigger demands on me than me.”

Cristiano did admit that his success isn’t all down to him and him alone, though. “I actually need my haters — they have helped me achieve all I have achieved,” he said. So Cristiano Ronaldo + hate = success. Got it.

There were a few questions that he couldn’t twist into a means of talking about himself, though. He said that Lionel Messi is the opponent he most admires (aww!), Ashley Cole is the toughest defender he’s ever faced, and Pepe is the teammate he’d want on his side in a war (obviously).

So what have we learned here? Not much. But it was still a fun journey.





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