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David Moyes has everything figured out

April 26, 2017

An overconfident man with one simple tactic that no one else has ever thought of


David Moyes celebrated his birthday on Tuesday by revealing a long overlooked secret to footballing success that will surely lift Sunderland out of last place in the Premier League.

Yes, “stop conceding and score more.” Why didn’t he try this sooner?!?!

With insight like this it’s no wonder The Black Cats have achieved so much.

Of course, some misguided souls have been quick to blame Moyes for Sunderland’s abject failure this season, but David Moyes is not one of them. From the Sunderland Echo after their 2–2 draw with West Ham earlier this month:

When asked if he questioned himself when sections of the support turned on him, he added: “I just remember to myself I have the third or fourth best win record in the Premier League.”

That is a downright Sherwoodian statement that conveniently glosses over his stint at Man United and completely leaves out his disastrous spell with Real Sociedad. But that’s exactly the type of confidence you should expect from a man who probably tells cab drivers that they’ll reach their destination faster if they press down on the pedal harder.





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