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Diego Costa raided the press room buffet during halftime of Chelsea-Watford

May 15, 2017

A champion’s gotta eat

(Jesus Lopez/Twitter)

With the Premier League title wrapped up, Chelsea decided to reward Michy Batshuayi, the man who scored the goal that did it, his first Premier League start of the season. This left Diego “The Menace” Costa with some free time on the bench, where he apparently worked up an appetite during the first half against Watford. So, during the break, he wandered into the press room to pilfer some food.

Having seen what Diego did to John Terry the other day, no one tried to stop him.

Being members of the press, they did rat him out to his manager after Chelsea’s 4–3 win, though. Naturally, Chelsea manager Antonio Conte was flaming mad about this thoroughly unprofessional behavior.

If you’re going on a halftime food run, you always grab some chocolate for the gaffer. That’s rule №1. Don’t be surprised if Costa gets sold off for this.

A very hungry Antonio Conte politely asks a journalist for a bite of his cake

Video via 101GG

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