Cristiano Ronaldo even tops Lionel Messi in tax evasion (allegedly)

Cristiano won’t rest until he’s better than Messi at literally everything


Over the last year, Cristiano Ronaldo has been hellbent on catching or surpassing Lionel Messi in every way he possibly can. Last summer he won his first title at the international level (something Messi hasn’t done), then he matched Messi with his fourth Champions League title, and appears set to equal Messi with a fifth Ballon d’Or by year’s end.

But apparently Cristiano’s efforts also extend off the pitch, as he has now been charged with €14.8 million worth of tax fraud—a whopping €10.7 million more than Messi was found guilty of last year. And as if that’s not enough, there are also rumors that Cristiano is the father to newborn twins, which would give him three children to Messi’s two.

From the Guardian:

Madrid’s regional state prosecutor alleged that the player used what it deemed to be a shell company in the Virgin Islands to “create a screen in order to hide his total income from Spain’s tax office”.

It said Ronaldo “intentionally” did not declare income of €28.4m (£25m) related to image rights, and declared €11.5m of earnings from 2011-14 when his real income was almost €43m.

Cristiano’s reps have denied the tax fraud allegations, so if he can beat the charges, that will just be one more way in which he demonstrates his superiority. Now if he just gets about eight million tattoos, he’ll top Messi in that category, too.