David Moyes will eat your chips but won’t touch your nuts


Real Moysiedad crashed out of the Copa del Rey on Tuesday night after a 2–2 draw with Villarreal. Things looked bleak for David Moyes in the 80th minute when he was sent to the stands by the referee, but what followed was a series of events that have increased the Scottish manager’s likability by approximately 3,050%.

Instead of making his way up the stairs to the directors box to sit with his unimpressed staff and employers, ‘Moyeseh’ vaulted over a barrier and sat with some fans behind the dugout. When a kind fan in the row behind offered him a potato chip, he gladly accepted — partly because he is now a Man of the Basque People, and partly because folks with Scottish blood are not physically able to refuse unhealthy foodstuffs.

Moyes was also offered what appeared to be a bag of nuts, but he politely refused and turned his attention back to the game. Clearly uno snack is sufficient, dos is too much.