DT Exclusive: How Jordan Henderson and Diego Costa nearly came to blows


Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson and Chelsea striker Diego Costa reportedly had to be separated in the tunnel following the first leg of their Capital One Cup semifinal at Anfield. Though confrontations with opponents are a near daily occurrence for Costa, this one was a bit different since it continued after the final whistle. The following is a transcript of what happened in that tunnel.

Henderson: Hey Costa, where’d you get those gloves? My hands were a bit cold tonight and those things would look pretty slick in red.

Costa: ¿Que?

Cesc Fabregas: I believe I can…assist. (To Costa, in Spanish) He said your gloves are stupid and look like diapers for your hands. And then I made a pun based on the word “assist” since I do a lot of them on the pitch. It was very clever. I think I’m going to make that my thing now.

Costa: (To Henderson, in Spanish) The slightest provocation makes me incredibly angry, so, needless to say, I am not handling this very well right now!

Henderson: Whoa, I just want to know where you got the gloves. Do you not think I deserve to wear gloves? I am worthy of warm hands!

Fabregas: (To Costa, in Spanish) He said your face looks like a potato raisin. A praisin. He said you’re a praisin face.

Costa: Ahhhhhhhhh!

[Costa charges at Henderson, but the two are pulled apart]

Henderson: I will have warm hands, Costa! You mark my words! Someone translate that for him so he can mark my words!

[Henderson is pulled into Liverpool’s dressing room and Costa into Chelsea’s]

Fabregas: Damn. I almost had a fight assist. Almost…almost.