DTotD: Trinidad & Tobago player elbows opponent in face twice, fakes own injury


If there’s one thing German manager Norbert Meier taught us, it’s that a very unsportsmanlike act of violence should be complemented by a hilariously bad attempt at getting your victim in trouble.

In the 70th minute of Panama’s 1–0 win over Trinidad and Tobago in the CONCACAF U-20 Championship on Sunday evening, T&T’s Akeem Humphrey managed the rare feat of elbowing an opponent twice during the same move — one with each elbow.

Humphrey topped this impressive arcade game-style combo by falling to the floor clutching his own face in pretend agony, in a vain attempt to deflect attention from his own shocking antics.

Thankfully, the referee didn’t buy what Humphrey was selling and gave him a straight red card, leaving the twin island nation with nine men on the field due to an earlier red card.

[H/T: Row Zed]

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