Jose Mourinho says losing to Bradford would be a disgrace, loses to Bradford, says it’s a disgrace

Ahead of Chelsea’s FA Cup fourth round tie at home against third-division Bradford City, Jose Mourinho made his feelings very clear: either win the match or be shamed.

From the Guardian:

“The other day a coach of a big team was knocked out of the cup and he was saying, ‘Good, very good. This is perfect for us. Now we can focus on the other competitions.’ If I lose against Bradford, I don’t say that. I say it’s a disgrace.”

Well, despite taking a 2–0 lead in the first half and looking set for an easy win, Chelsea ended up conceding four unanswered goals to lose 4–2 and suffer elimination. At home. To Bradford City.

After the final whistle, Mourinho confirmed his previous assessment of the result in the immortal words of Didier Drogba.

And then he forgot Bradford’s name.

Chelsea weren’t the only big club to lose to a lower division side, though. Man City lost 2–0 to second-division Middlesbrough. Meanwhile, Spurs and Southampton were upset by Premier League clubs Leicester and Crystal Palace, respectively.

Petr Cech’s face in the picture below sums up the day’s results…