Paul Pogba simply cannot stop scoring ridiculously good goals

We’ve known for a long time that Paul Pogba is capable of a stunning goal, but the French midfielder is apparently unable to score anything but stone-cold Bobby Dazzlers right now.

During Juventus’ 2–0 win over Chievo on Sunday, the 21-year-old hit a wonderful left-footed drive on the hour mark (see above). Last weekend, Pogba used his right foot to open the scoring against Hellas Veronas after only three minutes…

And the weekend before, Le Pog did this to Napoli:

So that’s three consecutive weeks of scoring brilliant goals, three consecutive weeks of driving up his transfer value and three consecutive weeks of Sir Alex Ferguson trying his best to ignore the fact he gave Pogba away for free a couple of years ago.

And it’s not just goals where Pogba is making all other professional players look like garbage. A little while before his goal against Chievo on Sunday, he performed the association football equivalent of an NBA player spinning the ball on his finger during a game by shaking off approximately 16 opponents and emerging untouched…

Should we all just agree to end football and declare Paul Pogba the winner?